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Brazil’s renewable energy potential attracts investors

In João Camara, a remote area in Brazil’s north-east, the car in which I am a passenger drives beneath a great row of wind turbines in João Camara, halting at one of the looming towers that make up this wind farm. João Aysllan de Souza Ramos, … #renewableenergy #climatechange #cleanenergy #jobs

renewableenergy climatechange cleanenergy jobs

Tasmania ups quest to become renewable energy “battery of Australia”

The potential for Tasmania to double its renewable energy capacity and serve as the “battery of the nation” is set to be explored via two new feasibility studies, backed this week by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

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Make Your Home Energy-efficient Before Installing Your Own Wind/solar Power System

So you’ve been looking into creating your own electricity for your home? That’s Great! There are renewable energy sources all around you that you can easily tap into. Whether you are considering this option to save money on your utility bill, or doing your part to reduce your individual use of non-renewable fossil fuels, you will ultimately accomplish both!
There are a few steps, however that you must follow to be certain your home is energy-efficient for the coming Winter. Otherwise, what’s the point?

– Seal Duct Work

The number one way to conserve energy is to seal all duct work. Go crawl up into your attic or crawl space and check for leaks at joints and intersections. Then seal ’em up with foil-backed tape or silicon caulking. Be careful! Don’t go fallin’ through your ceiling…

– Check your Thermostat!

Duh! Of course keeping your home all nice and toasty would be wonderful, but what’s wrong with wearing a comfy sweatshirt or somethin’? Lower your thermostat to around 60 degrees or so when no one’s home, and keep it at 65-70 otherwise. Also turn it down when ya go to bed. Ah, I love sleeping under my thick down comforter in Winter. That’s some good sleepin’!

– Fireplace are nice, but…

Fireplace are nice and romantic, aren’t they? Yeah, having a fire lit, sippin’ on a glass of wine, enjoying a nice conversation, or reading a book is somethin’ we all enjoy, but impractical for home heating purposes. The open flume allows cold air in even while fire is goin’! Seal it up after the moment passes!

– Weather Stripping!

Be sure to check around all doors and windows for air coming in and escaping as well. Use weather stripping to seal it up. If your around your windows leaks pretty bad, you might want to use that canned foam insulation stuff, and/or put up plastic window weather sheeting.

– Other Entry/Exit Points to check

More places to check and seal up are around plumbing pipes going through the wall, electrical outlets, light fixtures, etc. Use the proper insulation product! Check your hardware store and just ask your friendly clerk!

– Lower Water Heater Temperature

Lower your water heater to around 120 degrees and you will dramatically reduce the amount of fuel needed to keep the water heated. I mean, do you really need scorching hot water? Also, insulate the water pipes coming out of the water heater a few feet at least.

– Unplug All That Stuff!!!

Turn off all things like televisions, computers, etc…when not in use, Obviously. But also unplug all kitchen appliances such as toaster, coffee maker, microwave, whatever. They drain energy all day long sittin’ there unused. Plug ’em into a power strip. It makes it alot easier. Just flip a switch! Oh yeah, about those out-dated light bulbs: What’s wrong with you? Use the new, energy-saving types. They last longer and use less power. True, they cost a heck of a lot more, but last so much longer, it’s actually saving you money in the long run. Almost forgot to mention that!

I have put considerable effort into weather-proofing my home. But that was just a start, because then I built my own homemade solar panels and even a small wind turbine proudly sits in my backyard! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to build and install my system. But you must follow these steps to help make your home as energy-efficient as possible, before you even think about building your own solar or wind power plant! And welcome to the Renewable Energy Revolution!

Best Renewable Alternatives for Conventional Energy

Solar inverters and SWEA inverters are better alternatives for the conventional energy sources. Many have now come forward with an approach to make their own alternative energy sources for their domestic needs. Now anyone can do this. Lot of information is available in the market about installingsolar inverters and SWEA inverters. Various installation manuals and data are available online to make use of this renewable energy for a better tomorrow.

If you wish to do an installation, simply follow the set guidelines. One must be well aware of the parts of the inverter unit to have a smooth installation. The major elements of the inverter include the motors, batteries, inverter, charge controller, tower, blades etc.  Wind turbines are used across the world to generate power. This is done with a wind turbine. This is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy of the wind to mechanical energy.  When this is used for drawing water or even grinding materials, then they are referred to as wind mills.

There is always a debate in pointing out the best renewable energy source. Some prefer solarenergy where as others wind. But solar energy is available across the world all the time. So in that case solar inverters are more efficient. In places where there is more wind availability, wind mills are more efficient. Solar energy can be trapped on the photovoltaic cells andgenerate electricity. This electricity can be utilized for domestic purposes.  In the case of wind millsBusiness Management Articles, it consists of rotor blades which are blown by the wind. These blades are normally made of PVC or other similar materials in the system. The shaft along with the rotor blades collects the wind’s kinetic energy. The generator causes the rotation of magnets around the conductor and creates electricity. There are few systems that uses DC motor. A constant flow of non turbulent wind is ideal as the location of a wind mill.

Solar inverters and SWEA inverters are costly. Obtaining electricity from both solar and wind power are efficient to cut the long term costs. The advancements in technology have brought down the cost of both solar and wind power to a greater extend. The market growth of bothsolar inverters and SWEA inverters has attracted many to adapt this technology. The efficiency of both solar and SWEA technology are appreciable.