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Japanese energy-saving initiative for Bangladeshi factories

TOKYO – The Japanese International Co-operation Agency is offering textile manufacturers in Bangladesh a loan programme to support the purchase and adoption of energy-saving technology. The programme is said to allow companies which buy specified … #savingenergy


Electrolux, TE Connectivity Partner with DOE to Improve Energy Performance

a public-private partnership with American manufacturers, cultivating a community of nearly 200 partners to reduce energy costs, increase productivity, create jobs and improve resiliency. Partners, ranging from the energy-intense chemicals sector to … #savingenergy


The Beguiling Science of Making Planet-Saving Pavement

When it comes to beating back climate change, the big ideas get the most buzz. But among talk of banning gas-burning cars, making tech companies run server farms on renewable energy, and geo-engineering the planet into a state of salvation, the people … #savingenergyincars


People are staying at home more — and it’s saving a boatload of energy

In a study that could warm the hearts of couch potatos everywhere, researchers say it appears that an increase in people working from home, online shopping, and streaming videos could be reducing energy usage. Researchers from the University of Texas … #savingenergy #lights #streetlights

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Consumer Reports: Changing appliance filters can save money at home

said Consumer Reports Home Editor Paul Hope. Your over-the-stove microwave has a filter beneath it to catch grease in the air. Cleaning it with an in warm soapy water in the sink twice a year will keep the fan working properly and prevent a sticky film …and more » #savingenergyathome #savingenergy

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