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Cut Energy Costs When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home means more than just paying the mortgage; it also means paying the energy bill. That’s why it’s important to take energy efficiency into account when looking at properties. Here are some factors to consider that will help you cut energy costs when buying a new home.



If the home you’re buying is equipped with older appliances, consider replacing them with newer ENERGY STAR qualified ones. For example:

ENERGY STAR refrigerators use 20% less energy than their standard counterparts
ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers use 10% less energy and 18% less water than non ENERGY STAR qualified ones.

Inefficient windows can cost you a lot of money. In fact, they can account for anywhere between 10-25% of your heating and cooling bills. Leaky windows (air leakage) make your HVAC work harder to cool your home in summer, and warm it in winter. Avoid this by air sealing them, or better still replacing older windows with new energy efficient versions.


Properly installed insulation is key to keeping your home comfortable and energy bills down. It’s important to know what the right amount of insulation your home would need based on location. Talk to a RESNET certified Home Energy Professional to get expert advice about how much insulation you might need, and also what is the most effective sort to use for your environment.


An energy audit is an examination of a home’s energy performance, and will tell you where and how a home is losing energy. A RESNET certified Home Energy Auditor is able to pinpoint problem areas, and provide you with cost-effective energy efficiency solutions to help rectify these problems.

Saving Energy With Recycled Paper

(NewsUSA) – According to the Department of Energy, 80 percent of older homes do not possess adequate insulation. Poorly insulated homes require more energy -; and money -; to maintain comfortable temperatures. Luckily for homeowners, insulation projects are easy, inexpensive and can yield big returns.


“Energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind these days, and one of the easiest ways

to help your home perform as efficiently as possible and lower home heating and cooling costs is to make sure the insulation in your attic is providing an effective thermal barrier,” said Bohdan Boyko, building science manager with GreenFiber, a maker of a natural fiber cellulose insulation product made from 85 percent recycled materials.

Cellulose insulation helps to keep hundreds of thousands of tons of paper out of landfills each year and removes millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. Refuse efficiency experts state that paper products account for 34 percent of landfill space -; enough office and writing paper each year to build a wall 12 feet high from Los Angeles to New York City.

“Cellulose insulation products are a natural choice for people who are as committed to the environment as they are to lowering energy costs and keeping their families warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” said Boyko, adding that cellulose insulation is flame-retardant and sound-dampening. Because cellulose insulation is a blow-in product, the depth of coverage can easily be customized and applied over existing insulation products with as little or as much is necessary to meet a region’s recommended R-value.

R-value is a standardized rating system that measures an insulation product’s ability to stop heat transfer; in a home’s attic or walls it also determines the thickness necessary to help keep a structure properly insulated in a particular climate.

To determine the recommended R-value for your region, consult the Homeowners Resources section on the GreenFiber Web site at www.greenfiber.com/homeowners. A corresponding chart shows how much insulation your home needs and helps estimate how much material you should buy to properly insulate your home.

Energy Saving Tips For You

It is important that we learn the simple and effective ways to help electricity. The cost of electricity these days are heaven high and if you will not do anything about it then you will certainly make holes in your pocket in no time at all.

It is important that we learn the simple and effective ways to help electricity. The cost of electricity these days are heaven high and if you will not do anything about it then you will certainly make holes in your pocket in no time at all.

There are many ways which you can do and will not require any complicated stuff at all. Read on and start saving up more energy. With this, you will have more cash in the future.

Saving energy is actually very easy especially if you will ask your family to participate. The results will only take place if the whole family will cooperate. With this, your power bills will surely be reduced. Bear I mind that even just one of your family members will be negligent about it then expect that the whole family’s effort will only be put into waste.

As we all know the biggest and most consumable of energy in our households are refrigerator and air conditioner. These two appliances are the main culprit of why our electrical bills reached heaven high! But fret not. There are still ways and tips that will help you reduce your electrical bills in no time. Just make sure that everyone in your household participates and cooperates to achieve the best results.

Here are the tips that will help you conserve energy.

Air Conditioner

Make sure that you are getting the right type of air conditioner for your room. If you have a small room then opt for something suitable to the size of your room. Bear in mind that getting the right size will not only help you save up more cash but it will surely help save up more energy. The bigger the air conditioner, the higher the power it will need. This simply means, higher electrical bills.

Always check the filter. Make sure they are always clean and free fro dirt so the air can pass through easily.

It will help if you will use the timer. Set it for five to six hours of use. This way you will surely save up more cash and energy.

Never place your air conditioner near your PC or lamps. Bear in mind that it will take too long for it to cool if you will place it near those heated appliances.


Tip #1:
If you need a small size refrigerator then buy the right one and never overstuff it. It is important that you get the right size appropriate for your needs. Bear in mind that overstuffing your fridge will increase your power consumption.

As much as possible, let your food cool down before you place it in your fridge.

Never place your fridge near the wall. The heat from the compressor will add up more energy consumption if this will bounce back from the wall.

Simply consider these tips and you will surely get the result you need. Make sure as well to ask your family members to participate on these energy saving methods. Visit Connect Now website to get more energy saving tips.
By: Jesse Burns