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Renewable Revolution, How Wind Energy Took Root In Germany

Jan Ehlen, 46, is proud: He and four others manage this wind farm of 23 turbines and 52 megawatts for the Awomo company. “It runs in the family,” he says. “My father Helmut used to produce energy using peat in the neighboring village of Ahrensmoor. #windenergy


The art of transporting Spain’s largest wind turbine blade

The largest wind turbine blade manufactured in Spain to date, 73.5m (241ft), was transported from the factory to the port in Castellón, Spain on October 20th. LM Wind Power, the manufacturer, filmed the 3.5 hour, 45km (28m) trip show off their product … #windenergy #windfarm #energy #power

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China Power Giant Buys Wind Parks in Greece

China’s state-owned coal and power giant Shenhua Group is entering the Greek green-energy market, investing in several wind farms developed by a major local player. Shenhua bought 75% of the shares of four wind parks developed by Greek investment … #windpower #energy #power #money

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