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Wind adds jobs over 9 times faster than the overall economy

PAUL, Minn., April 19, 2017 — American wind power added jobs over 9 times faster than the overall economy amid robust growth for another year, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which released its 2016 U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report today at the Minnesota State Capitol. Installing over 8,000 megawatts (MW) of new wind power for a second straight year, the U.S. industry invested over $14 billion in 2016 in new wind farms built in rural America, and now supports a record-high 102,500 jobs.

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A wind generator for home use. Wind power facts, Wind advantages

If you live in a suburban or rural area, you will probable have more success with a wind generator for home use. Will your efforts produce sufficient power to supply your home? Will wind power technologies be more in your comfort zone? Your neighbors might not be as excited as you about changing the skyline with a wind turbine.

Have you identified everything that you want to achieve? How high is your interest level as a weekend warrior verses a true commitment to build a wind generator?

In order to build your wind generator correctly, you will probably need permits for your area. This will likely be no different than any other building permit request. Consider what your neighbors will see when your wind generatoris complete and whether they will be as pleased as you are. Some people will fine a reason to oppose anything new. There are some people who have developed an opinion about alternative energy production before the topic was ever discussed. Some people have the wrong information about factors around wind turbines, like the noise they could produce when in operation. Will a wind tower effect your neighborhood? Some people simply don’t want to see an wind tower on their neighbors roof.

Let’s look further into the Do-It-Yourself building of a wind generator.

To make sure that your permit application is a smooth event, plan well ahead of your application by getting to know your neighbors. Casually talk with your neighbors about your renewable energy plans. Share with them about how excited you are to capture wind energy and point out the positive points of creating your own energy. Most important, arm yourself with knowledge about the system you are considering installing, addressing any of their fears or misinformation before challenges arise. Knowing ahead of time about any potential roadblocks from neighbors or local officials will help you plan a positive approach to securing your permit to add a wind generator for home use. Know in advance that change will create opposition.

Did you know that many people have no idea what a small wind turbine looks like? Manufacturers share literature on their equipment. You can get this to share with those people not knowledgeable with small turbines. There have been so many technological advances in design, that negative opinions may be based on seriously outdated information. Some concerns to address will be:

– Noise is the first challenge that you will need to be able to address. – Blades coming off with no warning is the second issue that you will need to address. – The third concern is about voltage straying to the neighbor and – Fourth about the unsightly appearance. – The fifth challenge will be about lightning strikes and – Sixth about killing the local bird population. – Hearing problems from a wind generator is always seventh on the list. – Eight may be concerning a fire hazard if the wind is too high and the blades turn too fast. Ignorance leads to fear. Your best hedge is education.

Renewable Wind Energy

The question many people are asking is: Why does it seem renewable wind energyprojects are springing up all over the place these days? Homeowners and utilities alike are engaging in wind turbine projects all over the world and wind energy is becoming mainstream.

The reasons are many…

Renewable wind energy systems provide a perpetual and local source of power – The promise of renewable energy is twofold: the electricity you make from the wind is inextinguishable and the electricity is made at the point of consumption. Since the wind is caused by the interfacing of strong weather patterns with the sun’s energy, it is not a source that we will one day run out of. In addition, making the power close to where it will be consumed means electric line losses are greatly reduced.

This is in stark contrast to traditional power generation which is centralized and requires miles and miles of wiring infrastructure to deliver the power to your home or other point of use. Of course, the worst thing about traditional power generation is that it uses finite fuel sources, like coal, that will eventually run out. With renewable wind energy all the power you use is consumed right where it is made.

Home and utility wind power offers the hope of dispersed electricity generation – With the current paradigm of centrally generated power, economies of scale are what dictate the fuel used. We are all slaves to the finite fossil fuel resources that we have to dig out of the ground. Dispersed electricity generation offers the power of flexibility. By driving the responsibility of power production to your home, you are not locking yourself into one course of action and you can alter your own personal power production equipment to adjust to current technology. Renewable wind energy is currently the best thing for most people but it is no certainty that will always be the case.

The alternatives aren’t that good – As it is, we do not have good alternatives to renewable wind energy or, better alternatives than sustainable energy in general. That is not to say that we never will have a better choice, but for now, focusing on sustainable energy produced at home is the best course of action.

In the final analysis, we will be seeing more and more renewable wind energy projects in the coming months and years. Since we do not have a good alternative that will carry us forward and will provide the amount of power that we need as a society, we have to take action with what we have available now, which is of course, predominantly home wind turbine power.