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Dutch solar and wind energy production rises, hits 10% of total in 2017

There was a 40% increase in the amount of solar power generated in the Netherlands last year while wind power production was up by one third, according to new figures from monitoring website… #windpower
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This Ingenious Artificial Island Will Collect Wind Energy And Divert It to Shore

The winds of change are blowing towards renewable energy, and nations are becoming increasingly more creative in how they can capitalise on the growing trend.At present, the most popular sources of renewable energy come from either solar or wind. #windpower
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Cattle and wind energy combine at Cheyenne ranch

“Cows and turbines – they’re really compatible,” he said. The Eisele-Roberts family raises red and black Angus cattle. They added wind turbines in 2007 through a partnership with Duke Energy. The partnership and diversification of the King Ranch land … #windpower #energy #windturbine #electricity

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Wind farms generated more energy than coal most days this year

Wind farms are much better the coal for the environment – and actually, this year they were better at generating energy too. It might surprise you to hear than on 75% of days this year, British wind farms generated more electricity than coal plants … #windenergy #energy #windpower

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