Teach Your Kids To Save Energy

In your home, the energy saving activities should not be solely done by parents or the adults. The children must also be involved in this kind of earth-friendly practice. In this manner, you can save energy at the optimum level and the kids can acquire good values and love for the environment.

I know that it could be quite a task to teach the kiddos this kind of issue. Therefore, allow me to tell you some tips to spare you from some obstacles:


Teaching your kids the importance of saving energy should be your first goal. Take note that making them understand the value of being energy efficient is more effective than enumerating the ways to save energy and leaving it at that. Teach them how conserving energy helps the environment. Tell them stories or read educational books about the importance of energy.

Lead By Example

You know very well that kids tend to follow what elders do. Practice what you preach. You may have listed and posted a litany of things-to-do to conserve energy but if you don’t follow them yourself, you cannot expect your kids to follow it too. Do not just tell them to turn the lights off before leaving their room; show them by always turning the lights off every time you leave a room in your house. Education and leading by example are a good combination if you want to make good habits stick.

Make it fun

Find educational materials where your kids will learn the value of conserving energy as well as the ways on how to save it. Computer software, educational websites, books and television shows that educate and entertain kids would really make a difference on how well they will respond. This is especially applicable to kids from 5 to 10 years old.

Get your kids involved

Bonding does not only entail entertainment, eating, and playing. You may also make use of chores to improve your bonding with your children. Instead of putting your car to car wash, you and your kids could watch it yourself. Do the dishes with them, and clean the house with all of the family involved. These are just few of the activities you could do to bond with your kids and conserve energy at the same time.

Teach your kids according to their age

A 5 year old kid needs a different approach on this task compared with your 10-year old. If your 5-year old kid leaves the light open in his room, talk to them and maybe show them how to turn off the light. Talking and illustrating will help a lot in this age.

For ages 10 and above, you may need to show your electric bill to help them understand the effect of too much energy consumption. You may suggest some tips that would lead to a change in her habits. Remember, you are teaching good habits to your 5-year-old kid, while responsibility and old good habits for your 10-year old.

Let me enumerate some energy saving tips for your toddlers

1. Don’t leave the faucet open while you are brushing your teeth.

2. Before leaving the room, turn the lights off.

3. Shut down the computer after use.

4. Avoid holding the refrigerator open for a long period.

5-Unplug unnecessary appliance.

6-Use natural light if possible.

Involving your kids in your quest to be more earth-friendly and budget-conscious will be much more advantageous for you. They can carry their learnings until they are old, enabling them to be more conscious of their environment as they gain age.

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