The Top Green Energy Sources

Green energy is extracted from natural resources. This kind of energy does not cause any harm to the environment. No harm would be caused to the surface of the earth, nor the earth’s atmosphere. There are however many concerns about the natural resources getting shrinked and also the major global warming. Many global activities are against the green energy formation and they are fighting for other alternatives. The main sources of green energy are the sun, water and wind energy. These three resources have been used to make the machineries work and generate power for a very long time now.


Hydropower is the type of green energy which is generated from water. The turbines installed near water resources produce usable energy from water. The energy produced from the water resources is used for irrigation and operating different machineries. The recent decades have seen the energy produced from water used for commercial electricity power. Water wheels are also used for producing flour from grains and also for sawing wood and stone. Building hydroelectric plants is very expensive today. But they would produce a great amount of energy. Heavy usage of natural water resources does also affect wildlife.


Geothermal energy is the kind of green energy which is produced from the hot water and steam from underneath the earth’s surface. The steam from underneath the earth’s surface helps power electric generators by helping in rotating turbines. The main use of geothermal is for the heating of buildings. This kind of energy is not widely available because natural land sites are very rare to find. The geothermal fields which eventually exist will slowly disappear. Geysers are the largest geothermal energy site in California. They have very low emissions and no weather changes can affect their working.


Wind is the most popular form of green energy. The wind would rotate the propellers in the windmills, which would then create energy. The blades installed in the windmills would capture the wind and would channel it to a generator to produce electricity. The wind energy usage around the world is very low as compared to energy of other sources. The main reason behind this is that the technology is very expensive and it is very noisy. Most of the wind energy companies are privately owned and they sell electricity to the government. The energy produced from the windmills does not cause any pollution and is used to power farm houses and ranches.


Solar is the most widely used green energy. The solar cells in the different equipments capture the energy from the sun and use them to generate electricity. The sun has been the main source of green energy for ages now. It is considered to be expensive because of the solar panels that are required to generate electricity. To attain solar energy, you would need a very large area. Solar energy is used nowadays to power cars and homes. Solar energy is considered to be the energy of tomorrow.

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