Use Wind Power and These 5 Tips to Save Energy and Money

Following you will find 5 tips to help reduce your utility bill year round with or without the use of wind power. Hopefully these will help you to make ends meet, especially for those who are already unemployed or fear unemployment is a round the corner.

1. Whether you live in a mild climate and use your furnace more than the a/c or in a hot climate and use the a/c more than the furnace, it is important to have your a/c and furnace serviced once a year. Having the units serviced yearly can keep them running efficiently, saving money, and can keep them in good running condition prolonging their life, again, saving you money on a repair bill. On top of having your units serviced regularly, change the filter once a month, more frequently in dusty environments. A dirty filter, even if it is only partially dirty will make both the a/c and furnace work hard, wasting energy and money.

2. Many people turn their thermostats for a/c in the summer off or way up, and the furnaces in the winter (normally) to an extremely low temperature. Doing this is fine if you do not go to extremes, turning the thermostat off or to extreme high or low temperature will cause your units to work twice as hard to cool or heat the house back to a comfortable level. A programmable thermostat is more affordable today then they were many years ago so, consider changing that old manual thermostat with a programmable one. Then program it to reasonable temperature that will not cause your units to run for excessive periods to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level.

3. The following can be done in a matter of hours with a few inexpensive things you will need to pick up at your local hardware store. You will need a few tubes of caulking (how many will depend on how many exterior doors and windows you have) and some foam gaskets that are used to seal outdoor outlets and switches. (again how many will depend on how many outlets and switches you have located on exterior walls) Once you have these items start by caulking around all exterior doors and windows to seal air leaks then, remove all the covers on switches and outlets that are located on exterior walls, place a gasket over the switch or outlet, replace the cover, and trim the excess off with a utility knife. The more air leaks you seal the more you will save.

4. Fewer and fewer homes are built today with real wood burning fireplaces but, if you do have one and use it regularly in the winter, you should also have it and the chimney cleaned once a year. Burning wood can save a lot of money on heat bills in the winter but a heavy build up of creosote can cause chimney fires. If the chimney does not have a screen and cap on it, you should have one put on. Birds will sit on top of the chimney for the warmth, and then be overcome by the fumes, causing them die and fall into the chimney. This can cause smoke to back up into the house.

5. Using wind power to cut the power bill makes sense because, with the technology of today, you can build a roof mounted wind mill for three hundred dollars or less. You can cut you power bill in half or more, depending on how much wind you get, obviously the more wind, the more power is produced, and the less power you will need to buy from the power company. So, when trying to reduce your power bill, consider wind power as a way to cut it in half or more.

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