What are some simple and efficient ways of energy saving at home?

With the earth’s natural resources being depleted at an alarming rate it becomes the duty of every individual to incorporate some environmental friendly changes in their lifestyle in order to make a small but very significant contribution towards energy saving. If each and every one of us carries out their daily lives in a more eco – conscious way there can be very dynamic long term changes towards a better and healthier planet.
Every solution to a crisis begins with changes at the most basic level and this applies to our current state of environment as well. By making minor alterations in our day to day lives we will be surprised at the extent of energy saving that can be achieved in a house. Listed below are some smart and simple energy saving ways by which home owners can reduce their electricity and utility bills as well as lead a more responsible and eco – conscious lifestyle:
1. Unplug and shut off electrical appliances: Making a conscious effort to unplug cell phones after charging, switching off computer monitors or putting them on energy saving mode can save you money on a long term as well as increase the life of your electrical appliances.
2. Use easy and eco friendly cooking techniques: Incorporating ingenuous cooking methods such as using solar cookers and small stove burners can help in energy saving as well as increase the nutrition content of your food.
3. Install a solar water heater: Installing a solar water heater for your home is one of the wisest ways of energy saving as well as cutting down on electricity bills. There are a large variety of solar water heaters available in the market to suit the water requirement for diverse families and investing in one is a very viable purchase.
4. Insulate your home: There are various small ways by which you can insulate your home and decrease your heating and cooling costs considerably. Some energy saving tips for insulating your home include getting energy efficient door and window replacements, planting trees around the house, using wooden flooringFree Web Content, insulating water heaters etc.
5. Prepare a rain water harvesting tank: A rain water harvesting tank can be prepared easily and is a very useful way to conserve water during rainy months and use it to irrigate the lawns and garden area of your house during the summers.
Following simple steps at home and changing some common habits to more eco-friendly alternatives will help in saving money as well as becoming more aware and responsible citizens. So go ahead and incorporate the above energy saving guidelines into your life for a better and healthier future.

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