Why is Wind Energy So Important?

Wind energy is almost totally clean and continually renewable. After all, has anyone anywhere ever known the wind to simply cease to exist forever? Certain environments, or regions of the country are much better than others to capture wind power, but just about anywhere that has generally sustained winds, especially in mountain passes and canyons, can produce wind power.

So what makes wind so vital? Depending on the group that you talk to, you might find a different emphasis on this answer. For millions of people who believe that global warming is being driven by human consumption and more specifically by the carbon emissions commonly linked to burning oil, then the positive attributes of wind power can be easily recognized.

Wind produces no emissions that can harm the atmosphere that contributes to global warming. These harmful emissions also cause smog around many metropolitan cities, most notably Los Angeles with its constant orange haze that locks it in a perpetual fog. Wind power is never-ending; when one day ends, you shouldn’t worry about how much wind remains. It will always be available.

Of course, some days will present days that create more wind that others, and some days may not create any wind whatsoever, but that is minor. The energy that is harnessed by wind turbines –those large modern-style windmills- on what are known as wind farms, is sent along power lines to a location that stores that energy for distribution. At present, wind power doesn’t run any towns or cities completely, but rather supplements the traditional forms of electricity.

What does wind power mean for the average individual? If you own or rent a home and are responsible for the electricity in your home, then by utilizing a portion of the energy provided to your home created by wind power, then you will be able to reduce the annual cost of your electric bill. The more power that is generated by wind power, the greater the savings.

Basically then, wind power is important to many people for financial gain, rather than the positive attributes it can offer to the global climate. Perhaps the most important benefit that wind power can be of to people is that wind won’t cost more depending on how much is available, as is the case with oil or coal. Since it is a replenishing source of power, then any rate increase using wind power would have to be justified for the rate of inflation, not because it is becoming a rare product.

Wind power is vital for anyone who worries about the environment, or who wants to save money over the long-term.

Unless you have been completely removed from the world for the past several years, they will know all too well about the debate over global warming as well as the difficult costs of oil in the last decade. These are just two of the reasons why wind power has become such an important topic of discussion when discussing the future of energy sources.

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