Wind Turbine Energy: 3 Key Advantages

Wind turbine energy is quickly becoming a major aspect of power production in many parts of the United States and the world. The reduction in the amount of available fossil fuel reserves is of course forcing this and until we come up with a better idea and way of centrally producing cheap power, we need to pursue renewables as our best alternative technology.

While it would be nice if someone would come up with a solution that didn’t require us to go to all this trouble, there doesn’t seem to be a solution like that on the horizon. Synthetic fuels and extracting natural gas from methane hydrides for example are very expensive and do not offer a perpetual energy product as does wind turbine energy.

By optimizing our efforts in renewable energy resources, we are providing a base of free energy that will never go away. Even if we come up with solutions eventually that do not require us to set up wind turbines at are homes, this is still a source of free power that we don’t need to ignore. Even if hydrogen or some other element becomes our fuel du jour, we will still have this power base, since what ever other element we consume will not be free either.

While there are other ways for a homeowner to extract energy from the natural environment, wind turbine energy holds 3 key advantages:

Easy to Understand – wind turbine energy is very simple. Most of us played with pinwheels as children and the turbine concept is really just that straightforward. The only extrapolation in thinking required to make sense out of the adult version of the pinwheel device is that the wind turbine will take the energy from the wind and convert that to electricity.

Cheap to Implement – wind turbine energy is not as expensive as solar and geothermal on the front end of the project. As a bonus, they aren’t typically that hard to implement for the average do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Easy to Maintain – there is really not that much to do other than replace blades as you are going forward. If there is work to be done on the home wind turbine, it can usually be done by the homeowner, so getting a professional involved to fix most common problems at a high fee is usually not required.

In conclusion, wind turbine energy is your best alternative to power you buy from your utility at the moment. While other forms of energy will work, wind is simple and straightforward and something the average homeowner can install themselves as well as ultimately maintain.

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